Okay, so I haven't been on here lately. I honestly like deviantart better for my work. But here I get a lot more comments. I truly love them and they help at times. remember guys I can't improve without the help of ya'll, I need all the helpful tips and critiques I can get from everyone of you. I would greatly appreciate it, just drop by my art gallery and just leave a few things to day about it.

Now what I have been doing lately is just trying to get better at digital, I've gotten somewhat better and I hope to get even better. I've been drawing a lot of fanart of Homestuck, I know some of you my like it or hate it, but this is about what I like not what you do. Just be nice and judge me based only on my drawing not the characters or themes being used on it. Hm, and if you happen to like Homestuck I would love for you to tell me what you like about it, who is your favorite character and why?

Thanks again guys, I appreciate it.


Just catching up with ya bro

Hello mister

2011-05-22 19:08:34 by VoicedPAINKILLER

May I say, I haven't been to Newgrounds in awhile and here I am now
I was once a member here, but now I am again. New everything new attitude in life.
I've come here to get some review on my art, I want Critiques for my art work.
Not some lame "oh you suck!" or "Oh your really good!" helpless kind.
Give me something to help me improve on what I love to do. I want to become better and I can't do it without anyones help, so why don't YOU help me out. Thank you!

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Hello mister